Do You Struggle Inspiring Your Kids To Read?


Literary Adventures Clubhouse gives you the tools you need to ignite a love of reading in your children and create a relaxing and enchanting literature based homeschool.

Adding a little adventure is the key to engaging your child in literature.

My kids hated to read. They complained about their literature assignments and insisted they were just another chore.

But, I knew it didn’t have to be like this. I knew there was a better way.


After trial and error and a few happy accidents, I found a way to bring the joy back to my children’s literature studies.

And, it wasn’t with unit studies and worksheets. It was through fun, engaging activities that inspired them and encouraged a love of reading.

I had tried bribery and prizes, but they didn’t seem to sway my kids’ attitudes toward reading. 

Oh, they would do the reading assignment, but begrudgingly and not with any joy. They had no desire to pick up a book and how could a simple book compete with the barrage of online temptations available?

Then one day everything changed.

Was it a fluke? Or was it something more? 

I honestly wasn’t sure, but one day I accidentally came upon a way to get the kids excited about our family reading. 

It literally changed our homeschool and I was determined to figure out how to keep the excitement going.

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Oh, I've Been There...

I tried all the different paths to supposed success with enticing my children to read.

I tried to bribe them with reward points.

And pizza.

And more books (not sure why I thought that would work!).

When bribery didn't work I tried punishment.

“No electronics until you sit down and read this chapter.”

Yeah, that was a huge flop.

According to conventional wisdom, a trip to the ice cream store should inspire your kids to open up a book and read for hours.

Only, it doesn’t. So, how are you supposed to know what to do when everything you’ve been told fails miserably?

Looking back I can see where I went wrong. I can see how I fed into the traditional mindset of education.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that bribery works for some people.

But, I didn’t want my kids to read because of a prize. I wanted them to have an appreciation for literature in all its forms.

I wanted them to experience new worlds, new cultures, and even many old ones. Words should leap off the page and into your imagination. They should shape your mind and your future. 

I wanted my kids to have more and be more.

And, I didn’t want them to go through their childhood believing reading was a chore. 

I wanted them to begin to love great literature now so it could help shape them into the adults they would become. Learning how to be a great thinker comes from critical thinking and analysis. It doesn’t come from watching YouTube videos and reading summaries of the classics.

If they didn’t develop a love for education as children, I feared they would never develop it.


“Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If a soldier is imprisioned by the enemy, don't we consider it his duty to escape?. . .If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we're partisans of liberty, then it's our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can!”

- J.R.R. Tolkien -


Your Best Years to Come...

When you look back at these homeschool years, do you want to see children who had a thirst for knowledge or those who felt frustrated by the experience?

Remember I said that I accidentally came upon a way to get the kids excited about our family reading?

That day I added a little enchantment to our homeschool -- a spark of joy. It came in the form of a cookie. I couldn’t tell you what type of cookie or what the recipe was. I couldn’t tell you the specific day of the week.

What I can tell you is that on that day we stepped into the story. We experienced a part of the book. Sure, it was just a cookie, but it was relatable. It was how we could walk a few steps in the character’s shoes.

It was purely accidental. But, it was magic.

That day I realized what I had known all along.

Education should be a living, breathing, tangible experience.

But, I didn’t stop there. We began adding new experiences. We followed rabbit trails. We created adventures all based on literature.

And, my kids learned to love to read again.

The key to teaching your kids to love literature is pretty simple.

Just add a little magic dust.

Add some snacks, experiences, hands-on projects, and become a part of the book.

Add the joy and excitement that they had when everything was a new adventure and reading was for fun, not for school.

Help them learn to explore new ideas in the book or think critically about the problem the character is struggling to solve.

Give them the opportunity to dig a little deeper and become entrenched in the characters and their stories.

It’s simple really. 

Family Reading a book together

Introducing the

Literary Adventures Clubhouse

With our membership, you can easily add enchantment, inspiration, and adventure to your homeschool. And with over 80 online courses to choose from, your children will be inspired to read from many different genres and levels.

Learning Loop

The Magic Reading Loop

When you make connections to the literature you're reading, you will remember it for years.

It becomes a part of who you are.

Smell that apple pie? It reminds me of grandma's recipe we baked when we read Charlotte's Web.

The Clubhouse gives your students the tools they need to build those connections, improve reading comprehension, become great readers and writers who are able to express themselves eloquently.


You Have a Choice...

You can read the books with your children and look for ways to expand on the book and add fun details.

Or, you can let me help you.

I have done all the heavy lifting. I’ve created literature courses that guide your children through the book with fun and interesting rabbit trails; hands-on explorations; and a little bit of magic dust.

I give you everything you need to add the joy back to your literature studies. All you need to add are your children and a book.

I love sharing Literary Adventures with fellow homeschoolers. It is such a profoundly wonderful experience to hear stories of how our book clubs have changed the way people homeschool.

You chose this homeschooling path because you wanted something more or different for your kids. But are they getting that? Hating reading books was what happened in their public school classes. You wanted it to be different and that's why you chose to homeschool.

So now it’s up to you.

Do you want to inspire your children to read and give them a new outlook on education?

Or do you want to continue with the traditional way of education?

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What Does the Membership Offer?

The book club membership gives you access to all our current book clubs and any future ones as they are developed. But, it is so much more. It offers a community of support to guide you toward teaching your children to love to read.

Nearly 100 Online Book Clubs

With Nature Book Clubs for Elementary, Family Book Clubs for Elementary and Middle School, Christmas Book Clubs and Poetry Teatimes, you have plenty of courses to choose from.

Monthly Interactive Book Club

Each month we will have a interactive book club, that you can choose to join. We'll all participate in the monthly book club learning about our novel and preparing for the live book club at the end of the month.

Learn about our Live Book Club and Live Poetry Teatimes BONUS below.


We have workshops to help you learn how to implement a relaxed and enchanting homeschool life.

Community Support & Instructor Feedback

Course authors and other community members are available  to offer support and ideas when you need them in a private community (not on social media). Live Instructor Office Hours are available in the community for live question and answer sessions and personal feedback.

Wondering what is available for your child's level?

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Curriculum Consultant

"Solid content in an interesting format that is very easy to use."

"I particularly like the way these Online Book Club studies take advantage of internet resources to enhance the study of novels while also adding activities for family involvement."

Working Homeschool Mom

"My daughter LOVES these courses and I can't wait to learn more from the workshops!"

"If you are in the market for a language arts curriculum that’s already prepared for you and is appealing to kids, then this is for you."

Homeschool Mom

"The kids and I absolutely loved this course."

"I can honestly say that the rabbit trails took us into such unexpected areas of learning that I never would have thought of on my own!"


What IS an Online Book Club?

Each book club is unique, but these are parts that make up each one.


Rabbit Trails: Parallel Learning Experience

We will go on rabbit trails of discovery and do investigations into parts of the book. We will hop off the traditional roads of literature studies and meander down paths about pop-culture, history, biographies, poetry, music and more. We will take deep dives into some of the subjects touched on in the book and broaden our minds with new adventures.


Magic Dust: Hands-On Projects

We will also bring literature to life by sprinkling a bit of magic dust along the way. These hands-on projects will take us into the book through science, art, games and more. We will touch, see, feel and learn about the book through the activities.


Reading, Vocabulary & Grammar

Every Family Online Book Club includes the chance to learn spelling and grammar through copywork, dictation, and age-grammar lessons. We will also discuss literary elements found in the book and use our new knowledge for a writing project.


Party School: Celebration of the Book

The pinnacle of the Family Online Book Club experience is the Party School! At the end of each literature study, we will celebrate the book with a party. Invite friends or family over for food and fun! All the ideas for food, decorations, and activities are included.


But,That's Not All!

Members not only recieve all the courses, workshops and instruction, but you will also receive Members' Only Bonuses!

Bonus 1
Live Virtual Book Clubs

*Exclusive to Members

Virtual Book Club

Our live book clubs give your students the ability to interact with fellow readers. They can share their thoughts and gather new insights to their reading with critical thinking questions and fun activities led by a seasoned book club host.

Valued at $200

Bonus 2
Live Poetry Teatimes

*Exclusive to Members

Live Virtual Poetry Teatime

Our live poetry teatimes open your children up to the world of poetry in a fun environment. They can share their favorite poems, learn about the poetry and even try their hand at writing their own poetry led by a seasoned poetry teatime host.

Valued at $100

Bonus 3
Nature Journal
Nature Journal

Our nature journal offers a simple way to record all your nature adventures.

This nature journals is used in all of our Nature Book Clubs and can help your children learn to observe the world around them.

Valued at $7

Bonus 4
Book Club Planner

*Exclusive to Members

Book Club Planner

Our Book Club Planner offers you a simple way to add the joy of reading to your homeschool while also giving your kids the added fun of socializing with their friends.

Use our planner to help you plan fantastic book clubs with your family, neighbors, friends, or even your local homeschool group.

Valued at $9

About The Course Teacher,
Dachelle McVey

Dachelle is a former traditional teacher turned homeschool mom. She has a passion for literature and for adding adventure to her homeschool. She has started several book clubs in her community with the idea that each book club should be a celebration of literature.

At Literary Adventures for Kids she takes those experiences and uses them to create online book clubs that add that little bit of magic to your children's education.

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