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Literary Adventures Clubhouse
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Literary Adventures for Kids

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Masterpiece Society

On Sale in March:

Springtime Splendor 25% Off
Use code: SPRING25

Backyard Nature: Mixed Media Art for Kids K-2 25% Off
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Featherly Friends 25% Off
Use code: SPRING25

Raising Better Readers

Why is it that when kids are young, they often love reading… and then when we start teaching them how to read, all that changes?

If you’re sick of stacks of flashcards and boring readers that have no plot, Reading Better Together is for you.

With this easy to use homeschool reading curriculum, your child will be reading real books alongside you with our engaging side by side reading system in just the second week.

The program features scripted lessons created by a teacher with over a decade of classroom experience that can be completed in just 15 minutes- which makes this program perfect for busy homeschool families.

Grab it now before the price goes up on March 25th!


In recognition of Women's History Month and the 19th Amendment, UnderDog Games is offering the game, HerStory for only $23.99 - a significant discount from the MSRP of $50. This is their way of celebrating the incredible progress women have made, and recognizing the fight for equal rights that continues to this day.

Kiwi Crate

Mel Science

Mel Science

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