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Relaxed Charlotte Mason Planning Course Launch Sale

Relaxed Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner

During the Launch Phase this planner will be on sale for $4.99. The price will increase after and will never be this low again.

  • Are you a relaxed Charlotte Mason homeschooler? Do you know what that even is? Don't worry, we'll learn what it means to be a Relaxed Charlotte Mason homeschooler.
  • Learn the definition of all those Charlotte Mason terms.
  • Use our planning pages to help you organize your Charlotte Mason homeschool with check boxes for copywork, dictation, and more.
  • Discover what enchantment is in relation to homeschooling.
  • Learn how to add enchantment to your homeschool.
  • Use the Enchantment Checklist to inspire you to create an atmosphere of enchantment.
  • Finally, use the planning worksheets for weekly and monthly planning or as a journal to record what you added to your homeschool.
  • This Relaxed Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner can help you easily add inspiration to your Charlotte Mason homeschool

Kiwi Crate

Save 60% on Your First Crate

Kiwi Crate's Black Friday Sale starts now! Get 60% off you first crate with code EARLY.

Our Journey Westward ~ Math in Nature

A new No Sweat Nature Study digital curriculum guide has just been released!

Math in Nature: Shapes and Patterns connects math with real-life science. It can help ease some math anxiety when kids see the connections (and realize math actually is useful. LOL)

It's on sale through November 20 for only $10!

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