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Literary Adventures Clubhouse
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Compass Classroom

Compass Classroom Flash Sale

Flash Sale!!

Compass Classroom is having a summer of flash sales! Grab your favorites before the fall.

8-10th: Creative Writing with Jonathan Rogers 15% Off
15th-17th: Grammar for Writers 15% Off
29th-July 2nd: Dave Raymond's History Series 15% Off

6th-8th: Visual Latin & WordUp! 15% Off
13th-15th: Devotional Biology & Is Genesis History? & Beyond Series. 15% Off

Charlotte Mason Mastery™ LIVE

Charlotte Mason Mastery LIVE is perfect for those who are...

- considering homeschooling
- considering the Charlotte Mason method of education
- attempting to implement this method into their homeschool
- confused about how to make this method work in today's homeschool
- seeing the fruits of this method
- in love with this method of education
- desire their children to be motivated learners who are NEVER bored and can SURVIVE without electronics

Charlotte Mason Mastery™ LIVE is a 3-day conference taking place June 24th-26th in a virtual venue that allows attendees to get face-to-face with speakers, exhibitors, and EACH OTHER!

There are 12 main sessions that walk you through the CORE philosophies of Charlotte Mason method with FOUR sessions each day being taught by me, Dollie Freeman the mother of FOUR self-educating children using this method from birth through high school.

There are 3 teaching breakout sessions with speakers who are talking about topics that are important to a homeschool family. These speakers are there to futher support your homeschool transformation with practical advice you can use immediately!

There are 3 connecting breakout sessions with attendees where discussions around topics important to homeschooling will be taking place. There is NOTHING like having a conversation with someone who speaks your language and is like-minded.

There are 15 SPOTLIGHT exhibit sessions with products that could help you in your homeschooling endeavors to make things much easier on you so that you can get it all done while finding joy in homeschooling.

Oh, and I can't forget about the LOBBY where you can meet up with friends OR make new ones in the 'halls' of the virtual venue.

Little Passports

Little Passports is introducing new activity bundles!

  • Animal Tracks: Puppets, Habitats & Toby Plush, Ages 3-5 |This bundle gives your preschool animal lover everything they need to learn about the world’s more interesting critters.
  • Ooey Gooey Science: Slime & Big Bubbles, Ages 8+ | Who says science is a dry subject? Your child will love getting gooey with this science bundle of slime-making, monster-bubble creating, and more.
  • Junior Artist: Global Art & Celebrations, Ages 3-5 | Expose your young artist to art and culture from around the world. They’ll also create their own masterpieces.
  • Ocean Explorer: Coral, Submarine & Periscope, Ages 5-8 | Make a splash with this bundle that gives young sea lovers lots of ways to explore the wonders of the ocean.
  • Color & Craft: Tie Dye & Kaleidoscope, Ages 8+ | Older artistic kids will love creating tie-dye crafts and their very own colorful kaleidoscope, combining principles of science and art.
  • Global Bistro: Play Food & Chef’s Apron, Ages 3-5 | Who’s hungry? Let your preschooler be a chef and restaurateur with play food from around the world, a real chef’s apron, and more.

Use code IMAGINE for a free month!

Green Kids Crafts


If there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s how fragile the earth really is. The Earth needs us now more than ever and the next generation of environmental stewards.

At Green Kid Crafts, they believe in leading by example. With their dedication to global reforestation, environmental activism, clean air, and sustainable materials they do their best to make green decisions in business.

That's not all... You can celebrate Summer with 25% off sitewide SALE25.

Kiwi Crate

Camp KiwiCo crates are now on sale!

Get a Free Gift at KiwiCo!

Use code FREEGIFT on 6 and 12 month subscription.


As summer approaches everyone is spending more time outdoors and looking for fun activities for the family. Here are some ways to make summer fun with THiNK OUTSiDE BOXES.

  • Get 30% off an Introduction box with code 'SUMMER30'.
  • Get a free water bladder with any multi-month subscription (quarterly, half year, or full year)
  • Members always get 20% off in the shop -- discount applies to current and past subscribers!
  • Get $10 Off your first box with Code: THINK10

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