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Building a Personalized Literature Curriculum for Homeschool Success

Are you struggling to motivate and engage your kids in their language arts, leaving them uninterested and bored?

Do you find it challenging to create a personalized language arts curriculum that echos your child's interests and keeps them excited about reading?

Are you looking for ways to build greater reading comprehension, retention, and appreciation for literature in your kids?

You need this online personalized literature challenge...

Join the Building a Personalized Literature Curriculum Challenge
Join the The 5-Day Challenge here! And, receive everything you need to make your homeschool literature a success.

How Do I Know You Can Create a Personalized Literature Curriculum that gets your kids excited about reading?

Because that's what I do!

Hi, my name is Dachelle McVey and I've been writing literature curriculum and teaching kids (my own, included) for over 20 years. 

Let me show you the exact steps to engage your kids in reading and add joy back into your homeschool.


What Will You Get Out Of Joining This Challenge?

  • Ignite Your Kids' Motivation: Discover engaging strategies to motivate and engage your kids in language arts, sparking their interest and enthusiasm for reading and writing.
  • Personalize Learning: Create a personalized literature curriculum that aligns with your child's interests, allowing them to explore their passions and make meaningful connections to the texts they read.
  • Foster Growth: Cultivate improved reading comprehension, retention, and a deep appreciation for literature, empowering your child with essential language arts skills and a lifelong love of learning.

Join the Building a Personalized Literature Curriculum Challenge Now!

About The Challenge Teacher,
Dachelle McVey

Dachelle is a former traditional teacher turned homeschool mom. She has a passion for literature and for adding adventure to her homeschool. She has started several book clubs in her community with the idea that each book club should be a celebration of literature. She also hosts monthly poetry teatimes with children around the world.

At Literary Adventures for Kids she takes those experiences and uses them to create online book clubs that add that little bit of magic to your children's education.

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It's not your fault that traditional language arts approaches fail to capture your child's interest and ignite their passion for literature.

While others may struggle with outdated and one-size-fits-all curricula, we believe in a different approach – one that empowers you to create a personalized and enchanting literature journey for your homeschooler.

Join us and discover a new way to cultivate motivation, engagement, and a love for learning through our Building a Personalized Literature Curriculum Challenge.


Go from uninspired and disengaged language arts lessons to a homeschool filled with excitement, curiosity, and a genuine love for literature!

With our Building a Personalized Literature Curriculum Challenge, you'll witness a remarkable transformation as your child goes from reluctant readers to enthusiastic bookworms, from struggling to connect with the text to discovering profound meaning and joy in every page.

Unlock the power of personalized learning and create an enchanting literary adventure for your homeschooler with our transformative challenge.

During our Building a Personalized Literature Curriculum Challenge, you'll embark on a five-day journey that will revolutionize your homeschool language arts experience. Here's a glimpse of what each day has in store for you:

  • Day 1: Goal Setting and Relevance: Discover how to set inspiring goals that align with your child's interests and aspirations, making their literary journey both enjoyable and meaningful.
  • Day 2: Exploring Interests and Autonomy: Empower your child by incorporating their interests and granting them autonomy in their language arts studies, igniting their passion for reading and writing.
  • Day 3: Engaging Learning Activities: Dive into a world of hands-on and interactive learning activities that breathe life into literature, making the curriculum come alive and fostering a deeper connection with the text.
  • Day 4: Real-World Connections and Deep Dives: Explore the relevance of literature in the real world and take deep dives into various aspects of the text, expanding your child's understanding and appreciation for literature.
  • Day 5: Feedback, Celebrations, and Community Engagement: Learn how to provide constructive feedback, celebrate achievements, and engage with a vibrant community of fellow homeschoolers, creating a supportive and enriching environment for your child's language arts journey.

Each day is carefully crafted to unlock your child's potential, reignite their love for literature, and transform your homeschool language arts experience. Join our challenge and witness the remarkable growth and joy that awaits your child on this incredible literary adventure!


Don't let yourself miss out on the incredible benefits of our Building a Personalized Literature Curriculum Challenge. 

This is your opportunity to unlock a world of possibilities, revitalize your homeschooling journey, and create an enriching literary experience for your child.

Join the Building a Personalized Literature Curriculum Challenge Now!

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