Do You Want To Add ADVENTURE To Your Child's Literature Studies?

At Literary Adventures for Kids, we want your homeschool to be enchanting. So we help parents and students to dig deeper, go on rabbit trails, and add a little adventure all while enjoying great literature.

Why Should You Add Adventure to Your Homeschool?

Over the years, I have been asked to help other moms who are busy with children, home, and schooling create their own book clubs. Often, these families don’t have the privilege of meeting with other families to experience book clubs, but they still want their children to dig deeper and be inspired by literature. And sometimes, they are so overwhelmed with teaching other subjects that they don’t have time to plan their own literature study. So, I created online book clubs.

These online book clubs encourage your kids to:

  • Dig deep and be inspired by literature
  • Jump down rabbit trails of discovery
  • Broaden their minds with new adventures
  • Bring life to literature with sprinkles of magic dust along the way

How to Add Magic Dust to Your Homeschool
The Easy Way

If you want to enrich your child’s studies, take the time to invest in the research. Look for ways to bring the culture, context, and history to life. Or you make your life a little easier and let me do the work for you. It is a passion of mine. I love creating book clubs and sharing them with others. I created Literary Adventures for Kids to help homeschool moms find a stress-free way to add a little adventure to their homeschool.

With Literary Adventures you can:

  • Save Time with Planning - it has been Done for You
  • Decrease Overwhelm/Stress & ENJOY just Reading with your Kids
  • Easily Provide Your Kids with Opportunities to Have Big Thoughts and Juicy Conversations
  • all in an Online format that's easy to use and follow

 Book Club Elements

Click on any of the pictures below to see the different elements of each book club and how easily you can add adventure to your literature studies.

Rabbit Trails

Several per Lesson

Magic Dust

Several per Course


One per Lesson


One or More Per Course

Book Club Previews

If this is your first book club....

Adding adventure to education in A Wrinkle in Time book club.

Book Titles

Click on each graphic to learn more about that book club.

Wonder Online Book Club
A Wrinkle in Time Online Book Club
The Birchbark House Online Book Club
Bud, Not Buddy Online Book Club
Number the Stars Online Book Club Woo

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What People Are Saying...


“This course is chock full of resources to add learning and fun to reading! You can not go wrong with this purchase!”

Chantelle Grubbs, Homeschool Mom, owner of Chantelle's Adventures


“I am ecstatic about this new online book club. I was blown away by the fun resources and learning packed into an easy-to-follow online resource. The twins and I are starting it together next week!”

Vanessa Wright, Homeschool Mom and Owner of Wright at Homeschool

About the Author

Dachelle is a former traditional teacher turned homeschool mom. She has a passion for literature and for adding adventure to her homeschool. She has started several book clubs in her community with the idea that each book club should be a celebration of literature. At Literary Adventures for Kids she takes those experiences and uses them to create online book clubs that add that little bit of magic to your children's education.

“Education should be a living, breathing, tangible thing.”

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